Dear colleague:

The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE) is a community of scientists who dedicate their research to the fascinating world of extremophilic microorganisms.
Research on extremophiles gives us a better understanding of nature's diversity and opens up a broad range of industrial applications. Scientists from all over the world contribute to this rapidly growing field of research in terms of basic and applied research.
I cordially invite you to apply for membership and to join the ISE.
Member benefits include:

• Reduced subscription fee for Springer's Extremophiles journal
• ISE Newsletter
• Special conditions for the participation at international conferences
  such as Extremophiles and Biocat
• Scientific summer courses at renowned research groups
• Scholarships and travel grants for Ph.D. students

Consider joining and become a part of the international family of extremophiles researchers.




   Sincerely Yours


   Antonio Ventosa
   ISE President